Historical Highlights of the Rustic Ridge Association

From Annual Meeting and Board Minutes 1905 – 1999

Prepared for the Rustic Ridge Centennial Celebration August 4 and 5,2001 by Margaret Conner assisted by Janet Abel, Julia and John Voorhies

1905 – 1920









There are countless delightful entries throughout the historical records that demonstrate the thoughtful, sentimental writing style of the times. Two examples are cited below.

The following is a tribute to Rustic Ridge residents, dearly loved by all, who died in 1925 and were honored during the annual meeting of that year. It is an example of the many poignant memorial tributes written during the early years of Ridge history found in the original records.

Just as softly as fades the light after the sun is gone

Just as sweetly as through the night the steady stars shine on

Just as gently as spring leaves come or snowflakes whiten the sod 

Passed they out from this earthly house, into the home of God,’ 


“Our hearts are grateful for the privilege of being back amidst surroundings which mean so much to us and for the opportunity of mingling with friends of former years and meeting new friends. We are sorry to note that the angel of death has again entered our family circle of Rustic Ridge and several of our members …are no longer with us. We are happy to welcome new members and we trust that they will immediately feel at home and that their experiences on the Ridge will be rich and rewarding.

We are all aware that summer residents, being in the community for a month or two, must expect improvements to come a bit more slowly than where we are permanent residents. Being here for vacation and relaxation, most of us shy away from the burden of details and routine which we are involved in during the year. We can, however, by Christian consideration and thoughtfulness help each other and thus make our summer sojourn here one of delight and joy.”

Rev. Mark Ray, August 14,1957
Report of the President
Rustic Ridge Association Annual Meeting