Satan’s Kingdom

There’s No Doubt This is the Creepiest Spot in the State of Massachusetts



Jublished: August 1, 2023

Throughout the state of Massachusetts, we have plenty of cities, towns, and villages with some strange names. Some have histories that make them known for being haunted, or even just have relatively scary backstories. However, there is one place throughout the state that has a name you would never expect to be anywhere. Of course, it’s not a city, it’s not a town, but it is a village…sort of.

Regardless of what time of year it is, this spot may certainly have the most bizarre, but also creepiest name in, not just the Bay State, but all of New England. There is an unincorporated community just outside Northfield, MA near the Massachusetts/Vermont border, and it’s called Satan’s Kingdom.

According to the Keene Sentinel, Satan’s Kingdom, MA is:

…an undeveloped Massachusetts State Forest. The riding gets a bit stony at times, pleasantly challenging. After about a mile you’ll come to a clearing with a timeworn cabin and you’ll feel like you’re in the recesses of the Adirondacks, or like you’ve stumbled into an HP Lovecraft story. Then more marshes and hemlock. Too soon, you’re back in paved suburbia for a moment, bear left at the junction onto West Rd. and then you’re back in the deep woods for another ¼ of a mile. This oscillation between suburbia and wilderness gives this section a “Where am I?” feeling.

If you Google Map it, you’ll end up seeing something that look like this:

Google Maps
Google Maps
Google Maps
Google Maps

No one lives there, it is just an area that is named for the ‘dangerous’ wildlife that lives near the area. But I’m sure if you are near there at night, even in the middle of Spring, it might give you the creeps. It definitely has that feel like something you might see in the show, ‘Supernatural’. Or perhaps where you run into Vecna in the Upside Down from ‘Stranger Things’ (outside of Hawkins, IN of course). Or, even a spot where cults have meetings.

But there it is. Satan’s Kingdom is the most bizarre and definitely the most creepy name of any place in Massachusetts. If you’re up for discovering creepy looking unincorporated towns, maybe make that a haunting destination to seek out.